The Masonic Care Community is happy to allow visitors to bring well mannered pets to visit our residents. Please review the following pet policy and adhere to its guidelines.

  • Visitors or family members wishing to bring a pet into the Health Pavilion must first notify the Community Life Director/Neighborhood Manager.  For Wiley Hall, the Director of Wiley Hall/designee must be notified prior to the pet visit. 
  • The pet owner must provide the RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE indicating the pet’s vaccinations and current health status, name of the pet, pet owner’s name, address and phone number.  This must be shown at each visitation or upon request.  The Receptionist or Security will review the certificates.  We suggest you carry a copy of these vaccination certificates with you during visitation.
  • The pet handler will sign Visitor Sign in book checking the “Pet Visitor” column each time they visit.  A tag will be issued by the receptionist to the pet and must be worn while in the facility.  Upon leaving the tag must be returned to the receptionist
  • The pet handler assumes full responsibility for the pet’s behavior while on Masonic property.  The pet handler MUST CLEAN UP after their pet.
  • The visiting pet shall be clean and groomed at all times.
  • The pet’s handler must respect any resident’s wishes to refuse participation in any pet therapy provided.
  • Visiting animals are not allowed in any dining areas on tables or kitchens.
  • Any dog or cat must be leashed while on the property.  Leashes must be of a shortened length as not to become trip hazards.  The pet may not be tethered to stationary structures and left unattended.
  • Pets without certificates of vaccination are unauthorized and may not be brought in to  the facility and should not be left in motor vehicles.  Animal control will be notified for unattended pets left in vehicles when air temperatures are above 60 degrees.
  • The pet handler must remove the animal whenever directed by Management or Security
  • If the pet bites any resident, visitor or employee the pet will not be allowed back into the facility.