The Masonic Care Community’s Snoezelen Room is decidedly different from the other rooms in its Health Pavilion.


The room is dark with the exception of colored lights coming from a giant bubble tube. Individuals can sit in a comfy chair and run their hands through a fibre optic spray, or enjoy images projected on the wall, while enjoying aromatherapy, soft music, tactile beads and other tools that stimulate sight, smell, hearing and touch.

The Health Pavilion’s Snoezelen Room, made possible by a donation from Andrew and Mary Hendry, is a multi-sensory environment for seniors with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.  

This space, referred to as a ‘Snoezelen Room”, is a recent addition to the residential care facility and is designed to sooth and calm aggressive behaviors  in residents by stimulating the senses and improving social interaction. Use of the room is typically an individual experience, although the room can accomodate up to three people. The Snoezelen equipment is adjustable so health-care providers can select the amount and type of stimuli to benefit each resident’s needs. There is also a portable cart that can be brought to resident rooms.

“This new room is improving the quality of  life for residents and enhancing the care we provide.” stated Executive Director Rob Raffle.” Due to the generosity of the Hendry Family we are able to continue to build upon the excellence of care that the Masonic Care Community.”

The Snoezelen Room  is a non-directive therapy, controlled by the resident, not the care giver. It can be staged to provide a multi-sensory experience or a single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds and textures to the specific needs of the individual. There is no formal focus on therapeutic outcomes. The focus is to assist users to gain the maximum pleasure from the experience. Another advantage to the Snoezelen Room; it doesn’t rely on verbal communication and may provide stimulation to those seniors who may be difficult to reach and have not been able to express themselves through other venues.

Administrator of the Health Pavilion Tammy Wheeler says, “ The Snoezelen Room will allow us to offer innovative approaches for assisting our residents with special needs. The various sensory items will enable our caregivers to provide a calm, soothing environment that will in turn improve our residents quality of life.” 

The Masonic Care Community has made a commitment to those we serve to consistently find better ways to improve quality of life for our seniors.

The Masonic Care Community has been caring for people since 1893, and we are proud to offer this alternative resident activity.