Affordability and Insurance

We know that medical billing can be confusing

This page is designed to help you understand the process and the kinds of bills that you may receive relating to your care the Masonic Care Community.

Prior to admission we have confirmed with your insurance carrier the limits and requirements of your individual plan. This information is shared with you within the first couple of days of admission. This is an excellent time to tell us of any other coverage you may have to help with payment. We would be happy to explore all other insurance you have available and help you with this process.

It’s important to understand that like Medicare, most insurance companies expect progress in your restorative treatment throughout your therapy program. It is very important that you attend as many of your therapy sessions as possible. Re-scheduling conflicting appointments and scheduling make-up sessions will maximize your progress and coverage. The facility day rate covers many routine items outlined by your admissions agreement. There may be additional fees for the professional services of your attending physician, specialists, x-ray, dialysis, dental, podiatrist, audiologist, or optometrist. If your carrier does not cover these services, or if they are not part of your carrier’s network of providers, you will be responsible for the bill they send you.

If medical services threaten to deplete all of your assets, we can assist you in applying for Title XIX (Medicaid). Our financial office and case managers can be helpful in this application process.

Medicaid Beneficiaries click here