We Believe In A High Quality Life for Each and Every Resident

The Masonic Care Community Campus has a full spectrum of senior living options including long-term care. Many times, we find ourselves in a crisis situation, needing to find a room in a very short time. While we do our best to accommodate everyone, the best course of action is to determine your plan before a need arises. Always remember that you have choices. At the Masonic Care Community, we believe in a high quality life for each and every resident.


Long-term Care

Your first step in selecting long-term care is to tour your home of choice. The Masonic Care Community conducts tours daily by appointment.

Contact our office at 798-4800 to arrange your personal tour.

Walk in tours will be accommodated as staffing permits.

Meeting our staff, and seeing our Health Pavilion will allow us the opportunity to understand your short-term and long-term needs.

At your tour, you will be given an admissions packet that needs to be completed and returned to us by mail, electronically or in person. Admissions are also accomplished through referral services protocols through local hospitals. Referrals are based on medical, functional and financial appropriateness. We accept individuals who’s care needs we believe we can meet. We will be your partner to help you understand the options available and help you navigate the complex world of long term care.