Questions and Answers

What services does Acacia Home Care provide?

  • Intermittent Skilled Nursing Care: This is care that requires the skill of a licensed nurse to be done safely and correctly. The services are short term and require that there be an end date to care. The licensed nurse provides education to allow you to be more independent for yourself.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy includes exercise to regain movement, strength, and improve safety in the home. The Physical Therapist also assesses the home for adaptive equipment that you may need to be safe within your home.
  • Speech-language Therapy: Speech-language therapy is exercise to help you speak more easily and clearly. Speech Therapy can also assist in improving swallowing difficulties.
  • Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy helps you do daily activities by yourself, such as eating, dressing or bathing safely.
  • Medical Social Services: These services can help you with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. For example, you might need counseling or help finding resources in your community. 
  • Dietary: A registered Dietician can come to your home to provide education on new diet restrictions you may have.
  • Home Health Aid: A Home Health Aid can assist you with personal care including bathing, dressing, and making meals.

I live alone and can’t care for myself. Will Medicare pay for 24-hour-a-day home health care?

No. Medicare pays for occasional or intermittent home health care, but not for around-the-clock home health care.

How Do I qualify for Home Health Care?

  • You have to be considered homebound (see below for definition.)
  • You have to have a primary physician that will sign home care orders
  • You have to have a skilled need
  • You have to be self directed

When is an individual homebound?

An individual does not have to be bedridden to be considered homebound. However, the condition of these patients should be such that there is an inability to leave home and leaving home would require a considerable and taxing effort. If a patient drives, he/she would not be considered homebound.

Please note that the homebound criteria are NOT met when:

  • Frequent absences from the home are for social reasons, for shopping or employment; or
  • The patient attends adult day care for non-medical reasons.

What is considered a skilled need?

A skilled need is a task that would require the skill of a licensed clinician to provide service safely and correctly.

What is the definition of self directed?

The consumer is able to independently make decisions and direct their care. It gives the consumer the ability to determine their own needs as well as the freedom to decide how and by whom to meet these needs.

Does Home Health provide medications?

No, medications are not provided by the home health agency. Under Medicare we can provide certain supplies for example dressing supplies for wound care or ostomy supplies.

Where exactly can Home Health services be provided?

Home Health services are provided in what is considered to be the client’s home. This could be a private home, assisted living, residential care home, etc. Home Care services would not be provided in a skilled nursing facility because skilled services are provided directly from the facility.

Is my physician still in charge of my care when I am on Home Health Services?

Yes, your physician or the physician that has ordered home health services is in charge of your care. Home Health services can not be provided without a physician’s order and an approved plan of care by the physician. You will be included in forming a plan to reach your healthcare goals.

How do I pay for home care?

Acacia Home Care will obtain your insurance information and contact your insurance company for you. The staff at Acacia Home Care will obtain personalized preauthorization for you.

You will sign consents for Acacia Home Care to provide services and will know any copays or costs up front.

We also have services that you will have the option to pay privately for such as Home Health Aid services.