Commonly Asked Questions about Adult Residential Care at Wiley Hall.

What happens when my loved one needs a higher level of care?

As needs change for your loved one, our staff will conduct an evaluation to determine the level of care needed. Assistance will be provided if placement is warranted.

My loved one is unable to walk the distance to the dining room. Can they use a wheelchair or personal motorized vehicle?

Individuals can use walkers, wheelchairs or motorized chairs in Wiley Hall. They will however need to use the chair independently. Residents living on the 2nd and 3rd floors need to be able to use the stairs in case of an emergency.

Can we cook in our rooms?

No. All meals are provided by our kitchen and wait staff in our large central dining room. Microwaves are available in the lounges at the end of each hall.

Can we continue to handle our own medications?

Yes, as long as your physician certifies that it is safe to do so. We can provide assistance with medications by our personal care aides.

Can our loved one get assistance with bathing?

We will provide assistance with all aspects of daily care, including bathing and dressing.

Do you provide dementia care?

As long as your loved one can function at the Adult Residential Care, dementia alone will not prevent them from residing in Wiley Hall. We do offer specialized activity programs for our residents who are affected by dementia. Wiley Hall is equipped with a secure care system for individuals who may wander.

How will my loved one get to doctor’s appointments?

The Masonic Care Community has a full time medical staff that includes two Board Certified Geriatricians. If a Wiley resident needs to see a specialist, transportation will be provided and a personal care aide will accompany them as needed.

Do residents have to do their own housekeeping?

Housekeeping services are provided at Wiley Hall. Laundry facilities are located on each floor, and residents have the choice of doing their own laundry or having our staff assist them.