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Virtual Rehabilitation

It's not just a game anymore. Technology has allowed the creation of virtual rehabilitation where therapists guide residents through special exercises and activities in an interactive environment. Our Physical, Occupational and Speech/Language staff are using this equipment to engage their patients. There are activities for individuals and even programs that allow for some friendly competition. But all have the same goal, to get the individual the therapy they need to become healthy again. Those patients who have used the system say they are enjoying their therapy, and therapists note many are exercising longer. The OmniVR Virtual Reality Augmented Therapy System was made possible by a generous donation to the Masonic Care Community. We are excited to be able to offer this cutting edge technology in our family of services. 

Masonic Care Community Report on Virtual Rehabilitation



Cardiac Care Program

The Masonic Care Community has developed a specialized rehabilitation program for cardiac care patients. Our goal is to ensure that these individuals go home with the knowledge to manage their cardiac condition. We offer them the information they need to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Focused clinical monitoring, as well as individualized cardiac education, provides participants with the confidence and knowledge needed for an improved quality of life. Our therapists work one on one with residents, building stamina and developing muscle tone.  Targeted training is available to identify and address individual needs. Heart-Healthy diets are offered. The Masonic Care Community nutritional staff work with our residents to educate them on healthy eating habits. 

Masonic Care Community Report on Cardiac Care Program