Resident, Centered, Individualized Care

The Nursing Management Team is structured to maximize the benefits of state of the art Neighborhood Concept replicating our best practices on 8 and 16 bed households. The Nursing staff consistently strives to provide resident centered, individualized care to the residents we serve.

Each household develops a style built around the uniqueness of the residents, resulting in the ability to know each person and respond to their physical, spiritual and psychosocial needs. Our licensed and certified staff possess a blend of skill sets that are enhanced through continuing education and skill development. We recruit, screen and select our Nursing staff carefully drawing primarily those with long term care and acute care backgrounds.

Nursing leadership provides consistent policy, procedures and benchmarks to assure proper delivery of care.

  • 24 hour RN Supervisory coverage is provided 7 days a week.
  • Additionally, there are 10 RN Neighborhood Managers who coordinate and manage the actual delivery of services on our 23 households and have 24 hour accountability.
  • Direct care is provided on the household by an Interdisciplinary Team, including a Household LPN, Certified Nursing Assistant(s), a Resident Assistant, a Community Life Leader, Social Work and Dietician/Diet Tech.

Organizationally, Nursing Leadership is driven by the Director and Assistant Director of Nursing and utilizes specialists to aid, educate, and monitor our daily care efforts.

These include:

  • Infection Control & Wound Care
  • Orientation & Staff Development
  • Clinical Rehab Director
  • Clinical Care Coordinator