Case Management

Getting you home and healthy

The goal of the Masonic Care Community’s Rehabilitation Department is to get you home and healthy following an accident, injury or elective surgery such as a knee or hip replacement.

We will assess your condition, monitor your progress and evaluate the services and resources needed to respond to you as an individual. We monitor your progress towards your discharge plans to home, or another level of care. Your Case Manager is part of your care plan team, which includes our physicians, therapists, dieticians and nurses. You and your family are also members of that team. Insurance Coverage is verified in order that Case Managers can assist in optimizing restorative coverage, procuring Homecare Services, Transportation, and Equipment needed for your success.

Transitional Care:

The Masonic Care Community offers a full spectrum of potential living arrangements. We have unparalled senior living options on our 400 acre campus, and we are able to match your needs with your level of independence and functional capabilities.