The Health Pavilion of the Masonic Care Community is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Those who live with us are neighbors, and as neighbors, they have the choice to enjoy any area of the Health Pavilion whenever they wish. A combination of building security systems, reception area monitoring, and our staff security guards offer peace of mind for our residents and their guests. If visitor restrictions are desired, this can be coordinated through Social Services.

Visitor Sign-In is required when entering the Health Pavilion. During the day, visitors may use the main parking lot in the front of the Health Pavilion, or the parking garage. Between 8PM and 7AM, visitors are asked to use the front parking lot only. Parking is at your own risk and protecting your valuables is your responsibility.

Our Director of First Impressions will greet you at the front entrance of the Health Pavilion. This individual can direct you to your loved ones household and answer any questions you may have.

Family pets are welcome at the Health Pavilion, provided they have the proper inoculations as required by New York State Law. Both dogs and cats are required to have a valid rabies certificate that must be presented when entering the building. This is the certificate given by your veterinarian when your pet received its vaccine, not the metal tag on the pets collar. Please assure your pet is on a leash or in a carrier. If you pet is not friendly please leave them at home. Do not leave pets unattended in your vehicle, and if you walk you pet on our grounds, please clean up after them.