Our Skilled Nurses can provide care for you in your home

Some of the skilled nursing services we provide are:

  • Our skilled nurses can provide wound care assessment and can educate you or a family member in changing your dressing. We have Wound VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) certified nurses if your physician would like to order a wound VAC for you.
  • If you have a new diagnosis (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) you can be referred to Acacia Home Care for education. Our skilled nurses can educate you on what your new diagnosis means, as well as signs and symptoms associated with the diagnoses that are important to notify to your MD. Receiving this education and knowing what to recognize can prevent you from hospitalization.
  • Our skilled nurses can provide you with medication education if you have new medications and are uncertain what side effects could occur or why you are taking the medications. We can also educate you in setting up your medications weekly in a medi-planner.
  • If you need an antibiotic infusion at home, our skilled nurses can educate you in how to administer the medication and how to care for your central line (intravenous access). We can also change the dressing to your central line.
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