Your First Visit

What Do You Need To Know?

You will receive a phone call from an Acacia Home Care clinician to schedule a visit with you in your home. The date of your admission visit is determined by the physician that ordered home care services for you.

What to have ready in preparation for your admission visit:

  • All medications including over the counter and prescription medications
  • Discharge instructions if you have been discharged from a facility recently (hospital, skilled nursing facility, rehab. facility)
  • List of any allergies
  • List of your medical history

What to expect during your admission visit:

  • Head-to-toe assessment including inspection of your skin for any open or red areas, listening to your heart rate and heart rhythm, lung sounds, as well as measuring blood pressure and temperature
  • Assess your ability to perform activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing and ambulating, as well as your risk of falling
  • Assess your safety at home including an emergency preparedness plan
  • Review your past medical history including any new diagnosis that may require education
  • Review and educate on your medications, including side effects and indications (why you are taking medication)
  • After your initial assessment is complete your clinician will create a Plan of Care with you and the physician. Your Plan of Care will include how frequent the Acacia Home Care clinician will be seeing you in your home. It will also include your skilled need (education, wound care, infusions, home safety program, or other skilled need). During the creation of your Plan Of Care we will determine if you can benefit from other services provided by Acacia Home Care
  • The Acacia Home Care clinician will review Consents for you to sign, including a consent for us to care for you under Acacia Home Care, as well as insurance authorization. If your insurance requires a copay you will be notified of this at your initial visit, and this information will be included on your Consents
  • You will receive a folder to keep in your home with information of patient privacy and patient expectations and Patient Bill of Rights. At discharge you will receive a survey regarding your care with Acacia Home Care. This survey is important in making positive changes to continue providing great care
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Call for a personal visit
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