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Tompkins Chapel

Tompkins Memorial Chapel is the Oldest Building on the Utica Campus, Dating Back to 1911

Its colonial architecture of red brick and white trim makes it a landmark of Central New York. It has a number of beautiful stained glass windows, several of which were made by Tiffany. The dark wood pews and the regal red carpeting create an atmosphere of elegance.

Tompkins Chapel Reservation Form

Daniel D. Tompkins Chapel Guidlines

No Smoking on the premises of M.C.C. (Tobacco-Free Facility since 2007)

No Alcohol Beverages permitted

No confetti, rice, birdseed, or flower petals inside or outside the Chapel

No food or beverages

430 Nave
140 Balcony
44 Pews (bows may be hung, not taped)
Room for 6-8

Dressing Room
Not Provided (Available one small restroom in the front vestibule of the Chapel.)

Center Aisle
70 Feet to Inside Doors

Handicap Accessible
An entrance door off the parking leading to the Chapel as a self-operating chair lift to raise level with the main floor to the Chapel. If you need assistance to you may contact Security Stations at (315)798-4988.

Campus Minister – Not Provided (You may assign your own clergy for the ceremony or M.C.C. has a few names to share with you.) Cost of hiring a clergy person is between the bridal party and individual conducting the ceremony.)

Chapel Fee
$300.00 – Non-Masonic Affiliation
$250.00 – Masonic Affiliation Fee applies to an employee, or father, grandfather,
husband to be is a Mason.
Chapel rental time (including decorating & photographs) is limited to 3 hrs.

Kneeling Bench

2 Table-type - 7 candelbras (purchase drip less taper candles only)
2 Floor-type - 7 candelbras (purchase drip less taper candles only)

Unity Candle Table & Cloth
Provided (candle not provided, please purchase the drip less candles only, these
can be purchased through a local floral shop.)

Organists Names Provided upon Request or
Use of Masonic Care Community sound system equipment to use with wedding parties own iPod or CD player

Podium & Mobile (with cord)

Photographs may be taken on the Masonic Care Community Campus at the Chapel, the Great Lawn where three water features are located.

Photography is not permitted on Acacia Village grounds.

Tompkins Chapel Reservation Form

phone thmb
Call for a personal visit
(315) 798-4768