Special Events

Participate in intergenerational activities, community service/relations, parent involvement and educational programs

Intergenerational activities with Acacia Village, Wiley Hall and the Health Pavilion bring together two special generations. The children and residents have an opportunity to form friendships. Children learn to feel comfortable around the elderly and gain respect for them.

At an early age we foster community service/relations. The children learn about the world they live in and they develop empathy and compassion for others.

The Center doors are always open to parents. We encourage parent involvement by offering different special events that are scheduled throughout the day and evening hours. Parents are given many opportunities to participate in their child's day

(Different Educational programs are scheduled throughout the year.)

While the children partake in these activities they are learning to become leaders, growing as individuals and developing a sense of awareness.

Special events implemented throughout the year, include:

  • January - Yoga Tales – Educational Program 
  • March - Acacia Village’s “Young Artist Art Show”—Intergenerational and Parent Involvement 
  • April – Acacia Easter Egg Hunt - Intergenerational 
  • May – Trike-a-Thon – Community Relations and Parent Involvement 
  • May - Ride for Missing Children– Community Relations 
  • May – Senior Olympics – Intergenerational 
  • May – Mother’s Day Tea– Parent Involvement 
  • June – Graduation – Parent Involvement 
  • June - Father’s Day Ice Cream Social– Parent Involvement 
  • July – Summer fun day ei. Luau – Parent Involvement 
  • July – International Mud Day – Educational Program 
  • September – Back to School Fashion Show – Intergenerational 
  • October – Fire & Safety Awareness – Educational Program 
  • October – Halloween Parade – Intergenerational 
  • November – Campus Wide Veterans’ Day Ceremony – Intergenerational 
  • December -Christmas Concert – Parent Involvement