Care & Curriculum

The center provides these essential developmental needs to children through educational play.

As research shows in order for children to continue to grow they need physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development. 

Creating educational environments

Each classroom is brightly designed to meet the needs of each age group, from open floor plans to educational centers. Each classroom is uniquely arranged by our teachers.

Educational Curriculums

6 weeks – 3 years

For Infants, Waddlers, Road Runners and Senior Tikes, attention is focused on care, nurturing, and working on the Infant Stimulation Program and Toddler Creative Curriculum . The program involves working with the children’s large and small motor skills, physical development, language, hearing and visual development, as well as learning from the world around them.

3 years - 5 years

For the Junior and Senior Einstein's preschool they work on the Kindergarten Readiness Program and Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers. These programs include: letters, numbers, shapes, and color recognition. Large and small motor skills, physical development and language development, pre-math and science, manners and socialization.

Learning through Play

Learning through play helps children to understand the world around them, encourages independence and self-confidence. Through play, children learn to be successful with new experiences and helps them to adjust to new environments.

We Play Hard and Eat Well

The center also offers a four week menu created by a New York State licensed dietician and approved through CACFP regulations.

**Due to licensing requirements the only way to deviate from the menu is with a medical note or religious reason.

Award winner of Mid York Child Care Coordinating Council Devotion to Quality Child Care Programs.

Award winner of Mohawk Valley Genesis Education Distinguished Service Award