Tips to Help Seniors Stay Safe During Warmer Months

Posted by on 11 April 2019 | Comments

With nicer weather just around the corner, there are a few things to keep in mind for seniors to stay safe!

We are certainly excited to get outside and enjoy the sun, fresh air, and chirping of birds, but we should also think about what health concerns to keep in mind when nicer weather approaches.

While we all can’t wait to feel the sun on our skin, we have to remember the importance of sunscreen! Sunscreen is important to people of all ages, but especially for the elderly. It may be difficult at times, for a person of older age to remember to put their SPF on before stepping into the sun. For seniors who are in assisted living/nursing home facilities, it is crucial for staff to remind them to put on their SPF, not matter the temperature!

Another must is wearing protective eye wear while in the sun! When the weather gets warmer, UV rays strengthen, so seniors should be wearing sunglasses, since their eyes can be more sensitive. 

Along with sunscreen and sunglasses, the MOST important thing to remember is to keep your senior hydrated! Even if he/she is not sweating, or is not vocally stating that they are thirsty, hydration is key to staying happy and healthy, especially on a hot day.

Seniors should also bring a cell phone with them if they plan on taking a walk alone, or with a friend, just in case of emergency.

By following these simple tips, seniors can stay safe and happy during the warmer seasons!