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Do you know what a MOLST form is? Most people don’t.

MOLST stands for Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. The MOLST form can be completed at any time and should be kept in a safe place. The original should go with you if you travel as well as to any elective surgeries or hospitalizations. Your family should be aware of it and how to retrieve it in case of an emergency.

Hospitals may complete this form with new admissions. Rehab centers for individuals who require short term rehabilitation may also complete the form. Your primary care doctor may also offer you the opportunity to complete a MOLST form.

The MOLST form is designed to improve the quality of care a person receives based on prognosis, current health status, and current treatments. Conversations about the choices on the form could help formulate treatment discussions and what treatments a person does or does not want based on their health status. It must be honored by any and all health care providers.

On Thursday, February 28th, Masonic Care Community will be holding a free community forum based on the PBS documentary “Consider the Conversation.” This documentary discusses how important it is to know your loved ones end of life wishes. During the forum, we will be discussing this topic, along with how a MOLST form fits into the conversation, with local health care providers.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Kathy Contino- Turner at (315)-798-4768 or at

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