A Team of Physicians at MCC

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 26 April 2017 | Comments

The Masonic Care Community has Physicians on Staff

The Masonic Care Community is proud to have a team of 4 physicians on our staff. Dr. Elif Erim, our Medical Director is a Geriatrician, who has specialized in the care of seniors. Dr. Roberta Gebhardt and Dr Kevin McCormick complete our team in the Health Pavilion caring for the more than 340 residents in our skilled nursing and rehabiliation households. And Dr. Guy Wilcox, who has been a driving force at MCC for many years, has taken on the role of assisting our Adult Residential residents at Wiley Hall.  These four physicians, work in concert with our incredible staff of nurses, therapists and aides to care for our seniors.  Studies have show that nursing homes that employ their physicians see numerous benefits. 

There is greater accessibility of physicians to patients, family and nursing home staff. Our physicians learn about each person, and this intimate knowledge helps them care for our residents and avoid unnecesary tests and hospitalizations.  Our Dcotors have an improved knowledge and sensitivity to the challenges faced by skilled nursing centers and provide enhanced medical management of common syndromes such as falls, incontinence, behaviors associated wtih dementia and Alzheimer's and other issues. They also have a better understanding of the pressures faced by staff and uniformily work with nursing and therapy specialists.  Studies also suggest that having physicians in the nursing home have quicker response times to emergencies, lower hospitalization rates and reduce the use of medications.

The Masonic Care Community is proud to have this team of physicians on our staff. They increase the quality of care provided to our resisdents and provide the opportunity for long-term relationships with patients and families.