Pets at the Masonic Care Community

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 1 September 2015 | Comments

Many of us love pets. At the Masonic Care Community, we welcome visitors to bring their four legged family members to visit. But we do require you present proof of an up to date rabies vaccination as required by New York State Law. Please carry the certificate given you by your vet, which includes a description of your pet, with you at all times. The tag on your pet's collar is not proof of vaccination.  Please make sure your pet is clean, as animal fleas or other parasites can easily be transfered to bedding or carpet in a household. Please keep your pets off the furniture, especially in the common areas of our facility. And when you take your pet outside "to do his business" please clean up after him. Keep pets out of areas where food is being handled.

Pets are a wonderful benefit to our seniors who love them and we want our residents to enjoy visits from their furry friends.  But remember, not everyone likes pets. Some people are afraid, or  allergic to them. Be aware of other visiting pets, and keep your pet on a leash and under control at all times. Never leave your pet in your vehicle while visiting. For more information, please contact our Reception desk.