New York State Smoking Regulations

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 9 October 2013 | Comments

On October 28th, all hospitals, health care centers and skilled nursing homes will be subject to new state regulations regarding smoking and the use of tobacco products. Smoking is prohibited on these properties, and within 15 feet of the entrance to the property.

The Masonic Care Community has been a smoke/tobacco free campus since 2005, and this law  supports our earlier intiatives. There is no smoking or use of tobacco products anywhere on our grounds. This includes in buildings, the parking garage and outside areas. Smoking is also prohibited in your vehicle when your vehicle is on our campus.

The designated smoking area, which is outside the front gates of the main entrance to the Utica campus, will be moved 15 feet from the entrance as per the state directive.

MCC went tobacco free as a way to make our campus more healthy for those we serve and those who work here. We applaud the efforts of the state legislature and Governor for enacting this legislation that will protect our health