The Masonic Care Community begins a NEW Cardiac Care Program

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 1 February 2016 | Comments

The Masonic Care Community has initiated a Cardiac Care Program as part of our outstanding rehabiliation services.

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Happy 75th Anniversary to Angelo and Lucy Simone

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 25 January 2016 | Comments

Congratulations to Angelo and Lucy Simone on their 75th Wedding Anniversary

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So Nice to See Our Brothers in Florida

Posted by on 19 January 2016 | Comments

Four members of the Masonic Hall and Home Board of Trustees, George Steven Getman, President; David Stoy, Secretary, David Spencer and Kurt Ott visited with several hundred Brothers and their wives in mid-January. Accompanied by Grand Master William Thomas and Deputy Grand Master Jeff Williamson, as well as Grand Secretary Paul Rosen, awards for years of service were handed out. It was also a time for fellowship and to reconnect with old friends. One of the best moments was in Palm Beach, when Brother Joseph LeBlang who was a Masonic Home Kid , received his 60 years of service award. Joe and his brother Albert lived at the Utica Facility from January 14th, 1939 to June 20th 1943. We were proud to share the day with him and look forward to his future visits to the Utica Campus and Round Lake! 

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Tompkins Chapel Bells Return

Posted by on 16 October 2015 | Comments

The Tompkins Chapel Bells were removed from the Chapel in mid May and on October 15th, returned to the campus, refurbished and ready to chime again. The bells were quickly put into place. If the weather holds, the new steeple of the Daniel D. Tompkins Chapel will be installed on Thursday Oct 22. 

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The Masonic Care Community Unveils its "Snoezelen" Room

Posted by on 9 October 2015 | Comments

Utica, NY-October 8, 2015- The Masonic Care Community’s Snoezelen Room is decidedly different from the other rooms in its Health Pavilion.

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Repair Work Begins at Tompkins Chapel

Posted by on 10 September 2015 | Comments

Repairs to the Daniel D. Tompkins Chapel continue. The steeple was removed on July 23, you can see a video of that by clicking here . The new steeple is being built in Kentucky and we estimate it will be on site for instalation around Oct. 20th. 

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Pets at the Masonic Care Community

Posted by Kathy Contino-Turner on 1 September 2015 | Comments

Many of us love pets. At the Masonic Care Community, we welcome visitors to bring their four legged family members to visit. But we do require you present proof of an up to date rabies vaccination as required by New York State Law. Please carry the certificate given you by your vet, which includes a description of your pet, with you at all times. The tag on your pet's collar is not proof of vaccination.  Please make sure your pet is clean, as animal fleas or other parasites can easily be transfered to bedding or carpet in a household. Please keep your pets off the furniture, especially in the common areas of our facility. And when you take your pet outside "to do his business" please clean up after him. Keep pets out of areas where food is being handled.

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Access Enhancements to the Health Pavilion and Wiley Hall

Posted by on 17 March 2015 | Comments

To ensure the safety of our residents, visitors and staff, the Masonic Care Community has implemented some new proceedures for accessing Wiley Hall and the Health Pavilion. All external doors will be locked between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am. Visitors during those hours will be required to utilize the access phone to gain entry. Phones are located between the front access doors to Wiley and the Health Pavilion, as well as the garage entrance to the Health Pavilion. The Masonic Care Community is committed to providing a safe environment for our residents, their visitors and our staff. 

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